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    Which is the best laundry services provider in Bangalore?

    Which is the best laundry services provider in Bangalore?
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    Best Spa and Salon in Mumbai

    The only spa in Mumbai offering a sea view! Le Sutra guarantee of giving a reflective ordeal that gives you a chance to disengage from common ties appears to be really welcoming. Takes motivation from the way of life and culture of Indian sovereignty, this spa offers a scope of sumptuous...
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    Enjoy with Different Dishes In Mumbai...!!!

    Anyone in for some Mediterranean or Continental food? If anyone has a liking for it then the best place to visit is Olive Bar & Kitchen in Khar. Right from exotic Mediterranean salads to the pleasing sea food appetizers, you will be bowled over. Been to this place at least 5 times. This place...
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    The best massage experience

    I have visited many spas for massage but none impressed me as much as this Spa, so I had to keep my promise and write a review for my experience. I had visited Le Sutra a Spa in Khar last week and tried their aroma massage, the whole Spa experience was fantastic and I would recommend them to...
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    The best Art hotel,now in Mumbai!

    Le Sutra a boutique hotel in Mumbai is the best hotel which has various endurance. As it is first Indian art hotel which is based on Indian mythology and has 16 unique architectural rooms designed in such a way which enhance the old Indian heritage of Mahabharata. It is lucky to live in the...
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    The best and the most cost effective Spa in Mumbai.

    The only spa in Mumbai offering a sea view, Le Sutra promise of providing a meditative experience that lets you detach from worldly ties seems truly inviting. Takes inspiration from the lifestyle and culture of Indian royalty, this spa offers a range of luxurious treatments and rituals in...
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    Most Famous food and their locations In Mumbai...!!!

    Mumbai is the place where you will find each and everything. As per the best food is concern at every corner of Mumbai you will find various types of foods with proper food stalls. In Mumbai the best food are as follows: 1. A Konkani Coastal Meal 2. A Typical Vegetarian Maharashtrian Meal 3. A...
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    The best Indian restaurant in Mumbai

    Mumbai is a foodie’s dream come true. It boasts of many restaurants that serve an amazing varieties delights that includes both traditional bites as well as those with modern twists. Think crisp, melt-in-mouth, soaked in hot and fragrant fish curries crackling with mustard seeds and curry...
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    The best food you have eaten in Mumbai.

    Le Sutra is one of the best hotels in Bandra. There’s something about an Out Of The Blue meal experience that invites conversation. laughter, coming together. Bandra’s old sweetheart gets a makeover. I had European cuisine over there which was the most delicious and most preferable meal of Le...
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    The best massage spas in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

    The Best massage spas in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are as follows: Mumbai : Myrah Spa, Juhu Four Fountains De-Stress Spa Angdai Spa at Le Sutra, Bandra Rewa Escape-Spa by the Bay, Mahalaxmi Tahaa Spa, Nepean Sea Road Navi Mumbai : Blue Terra Spa Bodhi Thai Spa Tiru Spa Vedaas the Spa Viola the Spa
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    The best Spa and relaxing center in Mumbai.

    There are many good Spas in Mumbai. But when it comes to spa and things related to it, we always tend to forget that it should the cost aspect that comes with it. When it comes to Spas, quality should be the top priority but reasonable too. One day it so happened that my best friend took me Le...
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    The best places in Mumbai to have a bachelorette party

    The number one goal of the bachelor and bachelorette party? Have as much fun as possible. A bachelorette party can be so much more than a night out with the guys. But before getting into planning mode, first thing's first: Consider the budget. Chat with other guests and see what people are...
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    The best places in and around Mumbai to go for a romantic date

    There are many places in Mumbai for romantic date but the best part is to book boutique hotel in Mumbai and arrange short and sweet surprise party for your loved one. One hotel which I mostly preferred is Hotel Le Sutra. It is sea facing hotel, its views are so amazing that will mesmerise you...
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    The hotels in Mumbai which offer royal & luxurious treatment

    I had traveled Mumbai last year. Speciality of Mumbai are Beaches, Nightlife, Corporates, Bollywood and many more to say, as a city never sleeps. I stayed over 20 days in the Hotel known as Lesutra. It is in Bandra, which is one of the main places to roam in Mumbai. Lesutra is the first Indian...
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    Best Art Hotel in Mumbai

    Le Sutra, Bandra, Mumbai. Le Sutra, a boutique hotel in Mumbai is the best and the first Indian art hotel which is based on Indian mythology and has 16 unique architectural rooms designed in such a way which enhance the old Indian heritage of Mahabharata. It is lucky to live in the heart of...
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    What kind of a city is Mumbai?

    Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is a bustling metropolis and is the fourth most populous city in the world. With the highest GDP in India, Mumbai is every Indian's urban dream. The culture of this metro city is a boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals...
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    Pocket-friendly banquet hall in Mumbai

    Le Sutra is one of the best hotels in Bandra and it has the most convenient pocket friendly banquet hall. It is spread over 2500 square feet, air-conditioned with elegant white interiors. The spectacular ambiance makes a perfect venue for birthday party, events, meetings & functions. With...
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    The some good banquet halls in Mumbai?

    According to me Le Sutra is one of the most affordable banquet hall in Mumbai. It offers a perfect setting for birthday party, events, meetings, functions & conferences or gala dinners, deep-rooted in world-class facilities and impeccable services. It is one of the best hotels in bandra. The...
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    The best area in Mumbai to visit.

    Bandra is one of the crowded and famous place in Mumbai. You can get everything you need and every shop there which have a firm in India. It is one of the most happening place in Mumbai and you will always find people roaming around in Bandra. There are many of the hotels around as well to stay...
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    What is the current food trend in Mumbai?

    There are various types of food available in Mumbai but you will get amazed after knowing the trending food for which people are going crazy and never miss the chance to grab it. It is the European food which is available at small hotels in Mumbai. One of them is hotel Le Sutra, a first Indian...