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    Which is the best laundry services provider in Bangalore?

    Hi Neesha, I see that you are looking for a best laundry services in Bangalore. Let me list some of them for you Laundry Cafe WOW Laundry The Laundry Basket Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services Bangalore - RinseUp Pressto . These are some of the best laundry service in bangalore which I have...
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    Where do I find professional shoe repair shop?

    Hi Ankita, You can find a professional shoe repair shop in Mumbai at many regions.Yes they do repair bags and other leather accessories as well. For more information you can click here-shoe laundry near me for more services you can visit-
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    Looking for laundry service.

    Hi Ankita, I see that you are looking for a laundry service in Mumbai. Even I reside in Mumbai and I had the same query. I came across a service provider named Pressto which is well know for laundry and dry cleaning services. Additionally, they do provide cobbling services as well for bags...