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One of the largest states of India is Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai Metropolitan. Here people who live in different castes and lifestyle memorabilia are clear, which is clear from their different types of recipes. Here you will get a sample of recipes from all over the world, as well as enjoying the food culture of India from the cuisine here. Maharashtra is situated on the western coast of India and every state has its own special dishes. From the spicy carnivorous curry of Kolhapur to the exotic vegetarian dishes of the Brahmin sect and the interesting seafood of Konkan Beach, here every taste will be tasted.

The food is primarily cooked with peanut oil. The rule of making food is that the use of oil at the time of making the food should be such that the dishes do not show oil, so the vegetables are cooked mostly in steam. This ensures both nutritious nutrients and flavors of vegetables. Mixing of jaggery and tamarind brings sweet and sour taste to vegetables and lentils. Tamarind and coconut bring sourness, which is used in cuisine and in many recipes it has a taste in the main.

Famous dishes of Mumbai

Vada Pav: It is a mixture of spiced potato which is covered with gram flour and deep frying. It can be eaten only or can be eaten by bread in between the bread. It is like cheap barghi for ordinary people, which is found in every nook and street of Maharashtra.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji: This dish is eaten almost all over the country, but it originated in Mumbai only. Mashed vegetables are mashed and prepared with spices, prepared with spicy bread, which is a favorite fast food.

Cothimir Vadi: It is made of spicy gram flour and coriander cake, which is cooked in steam before then it is fry until it becomes crisp. You can also eat it for breakfast or with tea or with a meal.

Solkadi: Solkdi is a light drink that can be consumed all year round. It is light pink in color because it contains coconut and coconut milk. It is decorated with fresh green coriander and it is cooled.

Usal or Missal: It is spicy curry which is made of ankura beans and is eaten with bread. Misal is also curry, which is served by throwing it from top to bottom. It is easily found in the market.

Thecha: This is a spicy sauce which is very important when eating in Maharashtra. This green chilli or garlic is made from red sauce.

Thaliipith: Thalipith Maharashtra has a traditional pancake made of various types of flour. It is usually eaten with ghee or sweet curd and itch.

Poha: Poha is a snack recipe that is made from poha. Kande Pohe is generally made in this province which is made by adding onion.

In every festival, a special type of sweets is prepared according to the festival. Diwali is the most sacred festival of Maharashtra, during this festival, delicious sweets are made, such as Karanji, Kodbali, Anarse, Shankarpali, Chirpi, and many kinds of laddoos, Dink Laddu, Besan Laddu, Singadana Laddu, etc.
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Mumbai pav bhaji is one of my favorite fast food and I never miss the chance to eat pav bhaji. Irresistibly delicious and oozing with goodness, Pav Bhaji is Mumbai’s ideal comfort food. Another variant is the Pav Bhaji Bun or Masala Pav, which consists of the usual pav bhaji ingredients. If you want to know about how to make Pav Bhaji just go through the nutralite.com and you will get mumbai pav bhaji recipe in detail.
Pav Bhaji is one my Best Mumbai food . The urge of having Pav Bhaji helped me to learn the new style of Pav Bhaji, i.e. Pav bhaji pasta.Add sliced boiled potatoes and blanched cauliflower to this mixture with chilli garlic paste, add all spices, later add cooked pasta. You can check the complete method and ingredients on Living Foodz site.
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