Mumbai Is A developing educational Hub...!!!


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The city of Mumbai is not just popular for the employment opportunities it has created over the time. this city is also popular for boasting the best education that is offered at different leading colleges and universities where students across the globe come to study. With time the city of Mumbai has developed as a major educational hub in this country as well. And when we are talking about education in Mumbai, the Mumbai University can really draw our attention first. this university has come into existence during 1857. For the first time, it was started at a Town Hall and later on it was shifted to its new complex that was located close to the Oval Maidan during the year 1874. There are lots of new institution which are coming up and that makes it a good place to study and build your career also lots big brands are here and hence they give you good opportunity after studying here.

Until the year 1904, this university was considered as a purely affiliating body and an exam conducting venue. For this university, postgraduate sessions, teaching departments, and the research disciplines were added further. apart from this, there are several other leading colleges and schools located in this city where a wide range of courses and study programs are offered to aspiring students. Due to this reason, the city of Mumbai is also drawing attention from students in India and from across the globe.