Mumbai Is Listed Among the Top 10 Financial Hubs in this World...!!!


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When we are talking about the richest cities in a country like India, the city named as Mumbai will come at the top. In fact, this city has managed to hold this spot tight for a long time now. it is the biggest financial capital of the country as well as considered as the most popular entertainment capital for India. the GDP of Mumbai city is higher than the other cities in Asia which are located in the south, west and central part of this continent. Due to this reason, the city of Mumbai has also managed to hold the place among the top 10 financial hubs in this world. Mumbai is also the home for some of the most stunning monuments. This is one the most liked places and this is really growing with every day passing.

Among all these structures, the Gateway of India is the most famous one. it is having similarities with the India Gate that is in Delhi. The British architect named George Witter has designed it to commemorate the time when King George V, as well as Queen Mary, visited India. this structure was opened to the public during 1924. Once India has managed to receive its independence, the very last British ship has departed from this place. so, the Gateway of India has always played a major role in the history of such city.